Studio Avant is the home of multimedia artist Psy-Sci. Probably most well known for his contributions to soulseek, the popular filesharing application and the netlabel movement of the early 2000s. psy-sci has since been a celebrated fine artist, musician, writer, and futurist.


Featured News

  • lulu wall

    Attended NFT.NYC in 2024.
    Pixelord was a featured artist. Earlier this year I helped bring Pixelord to a Metaverse Rave in Monaverse.

    I met with an important member of the NIPD community
    Made some powerful connections
    Picked up some free stuff
    Attended exclusive ODLabs experience

More News

  • NIPD Launch MINT on autominter polygon network
  • NIPD community created

    I founded an official community on Nifty Island with @beingando called NIPD (Nifty Island Police Department).

  • Nifty Island Launch
  • Nifty Island Launch

    Rerelease of psysci's decentralized concept album Survivor Alien as an Island.

  • Bside2037 Album Art
  • Bside 2037 Original Soundtrack

    Psy released a track on the upcoming BSide 2037 Original Soundtrack on Soulseek Records. What???@! that old site???


  • Mutatio
  • Psyscied Mutatio

    Xcopy and NeonGlitch derivative open mint created on manifold.

  • Alien Teaser
  • Crypto Art

    An art series of pixelized pfps was published on twitter. Profile pictures requested and distributed by Broadside community members publically on twitter, then sold for bones on the Broadside DeadMall Marketplace.


Spoiler Magazine

In 2023 psy began writing articles for Spoiler Magazine who relaunched their magazine with the Batman Special Edition.


  • Survivor Alien NFT

    In development of an NFT card game. Players will be able to battle holders of Survivor Alien Nfts.

  • Scarlet Witch Survivor Alien

    Studio Avant on Opensea. HMU on insta if you want to release an nft/open a gallery.


Here are some of Psy-Sci's favorite songs.

Toy Tokyo Art Show 2008

  • Lucky Kitty Art Show Postcard
  • Lucky Kitty Artshow Flyer

The Gallery


  • Interview about the maneki neko pieces at the toy tokyo group show. Sorry for the poor quality.

Lab30 documentary 2003

  • Short documentary about soulseek at the Lab30 art festival with a Performance by Psy-sci in Augsburg, Germany with ToyzRme and Orphax.